Quality check

Shisha Rocks Quality check

The quality of Shisha and Hookah Charcoal in the market, can be highly variable, even within the different deliveries of the same brand or manufacturer. This is often caused by copycat products in the market, which in appearance is identical to the original product, but hold a considerably lower quality than the original product.

In each ShishaRocks Box, we are planning a Quality Check code label with an unique quality code, that can be checked on our web database with an overview of all delivered packages – Worldwide.

Note! Quality Check codes starting with next production batch – End of 2019

Enter www.shisharocks.com \ quality check – Alternatively use QR code printed on the Quality check label in your package. Enter the unique Shisha Rocks Quality code, and we will immediately confirm if the product you have bought is genuine, or whether you have got a copy product.

If it turns out that you have a copy product, please fill out where you purchased your product – in the box that comes up with the copy Product message.